Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We'll start at the beginning...

Well, I've tried starting a blog once or twice before, and never really had the discipline to keep it going...who knows, maybe this one will be different, or then again, it could just be another way of killing a few empty afternoons until I find some other way of wasting my time. I might be convinced to continue if someone out there actually finds anything I have to say worthwhile...which remains to be seen

So...will YOU find what I have to say worthwhile? I really don't want to be one of those bloggers who proceeds to tell the world about the minutiae of their life...when they got up, what they had for breakfast, what some old lady said on the bus...so hopefully, fingers crossed, this will be a veritable melange of possibly interesting, probably useless tidbits of information...everything from recipes to restaurant reviews to sharply honed political satire (if theres anyone reading this who wants to offer me a job doing providing said tidbits, be my guest *S*)

Thats enough of an Intro for the blog, I guess.....if you haven't given up on me already, I may well see you here again later. Leave me a note if you want, so I at least know someones reading...that means you Kuka


1 comment:

Kuka said...

hey =)
thanks for leaving me a comment =D
can't you just taste that polenta (actually, you can if you want - there's some in the fridge.... hehe)
did you notice how my avatar's outfit matches mine?
Magic? (or just organisation at a level far beyond what you ever thought i was capable hehe)
Can't wait to check out your restaurant reviews - any idea where you'll start? (dickson noodle house in civic you say? what's that i hear? laksa? well, if you insist! hehe)
besos and suerte for your blog!