Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm least for now

So, as was to be expected its been several months since my last post. I knew this would happen, and I even foresaw this in my first post, but it doesn't make it any less disappointing. I'm going to try and make a more concerted effort to post semi-regularly, but still not just for the sake of it. Hopefully I can find enough to keep myself interested enough to write about maybe once or twice a week.

Anyway, I do have a few draft posts that i started months ago,but they seem kind of out-of-date now..there was a rant about charity telemarketers; a recipe for a "brand new" dessert, that I've since made several times (don't get me wrong,I still LOVE kulfi, but it doesn't quite have that "new and exciting" feel about it anymore which would make me want to post about it; and a restaurant review for a degustation menu we tried so long ago that I can't even remember what we ate. So all in all, theres not much I can put up to fill the gaps.

Thats it for now...just thought I'd tell you that I will be posting...hopefully soon. Lots to talk about at the moment...the great and exciting trip to Melbourne,the dinner of joy at Da Noi, and heaps more, so if I DON'T post, then it really is due to complete and utter laziness, rather than not having anything to say.

On that note....i hope to be back soon

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