Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Countdown to deliciousness...

Not much to report for the last few days....working hard as always *S*..and it seems to be paying off, as the store is doing fantastic business at the moment. 4 weeks ago (my second week instore) the store had a record week...and we've beaten the previous weeks' sales every week since then. We're now officially the 2nd busiest store in Victoria, and pushing top 5 in the country! Thats the boring brag bit out of the way, now onto more interesting!

Ages ago, while we were still in Canberra, we talked about having a dinner party for friends, based entirely around desserts. We talked and talked, and even set down some tentative dates, but alas, it never eventuated...until now, that is! This weekend is our official housewarming, and we've decided to combine it with the much-speculated-about Dessert Degustation. We figured this would be a good mix, because being a sit-down affair we couldn't really invite too many people, and this fits in perfectly with the fact that we don't actually know too many people in Melbourne yet. We finally settled on 8 courses, some matched with appropriate booze, plus coffee, tea and petit fours. Heres a sneak peak at the menu....

yoghurt panna cotta with rose scented plums
served with a cocktail of champagne and blackberry,
or verjuice and soda with blackberry

chocolate and rosewater marquis

fresh ruby-red grapefruit and raspberry sorbet

orange and pistachio kulfi
served with a sweet sage, cinnamon and apple toddy
or apple tisane with sage and cinnamon

strawberry streuselkuchen

spiced chocolate pots, with sweet treats for dipping
served with spiced mulled wine

sorbetto of mascarpone, lemon and basil

crema catalana
served with orange muscat and flora

petits fours
served with coffee and tea

What do you think?

Only a few more days to go, so i have to start cooking...EVERYTHING is being done from scratch, so its going to be a pretty big undertaking, but it will definitely be worth it. Lots more pics to come after the big day. Wish me luck! :)


Kuka said...

aaaah kulfi and crme catalana on the same day?
I would just die! hehe
sounds delish =)
(I'm working on a kulfi inspired cupcake....)

Beauzo said...

mmm...kulfi in a cupcake? sounds intriguing...make sure you keep me in the loop with any late-breaking developments...i'll definitely have to try that one :)