Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One Art, please

I thought we were about due for a new Art, seeing as its been a few months since Kit and I made our Marimekko hanging for the wall, so we now have a new addition to our home. I like how it manages to fit in with the rest of the tones in the apartment, but then brings a really vibrant splash of colour as well. As much as I love my chocolate furniture and dark wood, sometimes you need something to birghten the place up a bit.

The colours actually remind me a lot of the view from my airplane window when I was flying between San Francisco and Seattle. I'm not sure what we were flying over, but the landscape below was a patchwork of these interwoven strong metallic hues, ranging from bronzes and golds to the most vibrant blues and greens. The first time I saw this painting in the apartment, I had to run my hands over it to make sure it was only on a canvas, because from a distance, the colours and textures make it look like its been painted onto a sheet of metal.

We're slowly filling our walls now, which is good, because the place can feel a little bare without it. A former employee of mine painted me something as a going away present before we left (right), so that's now got pride of place in our entry hall, and when we went to the hippy markets on the weekend with Saj and Es, Kit found a small framed print which he loved, so now we just need to find somewhere to hang it.

Hopefully they'll all have found homes by the time you can come and visit us

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Kuka said...

hey we're working on wall wear at the moment too.
In the study we've hung a set of three black and white photos Sam took and processed when he was at school.
Si's mum let Sam pick out a painting from her studio for his birthday.
We're still trying to decide on the bedroom and living room though - i think we'll pic a photo from the trip to europe with his mum and have it blown up and framed.
I love your blue and chocolate though!